I was sitting on an overstuffed pillow shaped like an elephant in my boys’ playroom, and doing my best Spider-Man impersonation, when my literary agent broke the news that Harvest House Publishers wanted to publish my book. It was one of those moments in life when the world stops turning for just a moment, when the ordinary collides with the extraordinary, and dreams crash into reality. My shaking hand still held the Spider-Man action figure as I stared in disbelief at my phone. This was happening.

I haven’t stopped thanking God for His immeasurable goodness since receiving the call, and I can’t quite stop thinking about how the small steps we take every day toward God’s will in our lives can amount to something more than we could ever dream for ourselves.

I’m writing a book about my transition of leaving behind a beloved career, to become a stay at home parent- and all of the unexpected feelings of loss and grief that accompanied it. It’s been almost seven years since I lived it, and yet that period of time remains etched in my heart. I’m so impassioned to share what I’ve learned with others. There’s a way to walk into this season of motherhood at home that empowers us- and helps us become the mother God planned for us to be, and the mother our children need us to become.

I’m writing about the ways God taught me about His unending love (and patience), when I felt lost and without worth-even as I followed His call. It seems fitting(and also hilarious) that I would be sitting on the floor playing super-heroes with my three-year-old when I received word that this dream God placed in my heart of sharing my story about true identity, loss, and motherhood, was becoming a reality.

I’m holding every mother close in thought as I write, who like me, felt a sense of guilt and a loss of identity when she dove head-first into motherhood at home. You are not forgotten, and you’re going to be more than okay. It’s time to embrace the beauty of this season, of God, and of the dreams that you, too, have hidden in your heart.

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