Before you get worried, I’m not going to tell you to wear jeans instead of yoga pants. Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief and acknowledge that’s taking this way too far. No, what I’m about to suggest are small ways you can feel pulled together during the day, even as you step on Legos and swear you’ll be donating every toy in the play room next week.

  1. Take the time to do your makeup and hair

I know these might seem like fighting words when you barely have time to shower, but honestly- this works. On the days I don’t bother doing my hair, or swiping on some mascara, I feel more tired and less motivated to do the things that matter.

2. Wear cute earrings

Okay, so if your sweet little ones are around the 6-10 month age group I know that the long dangly earrings that we all love so much are out of the question: they’ll be ripped out of your ears and your baby’s first words won’t be ones you’re proud of. If that’s your situation, find some super cute studs that stand out, and help you to not feel so plain. My stand-by is a pair of silver hoops that go with everything, and even though they aren’t fancy by any means, I feel a bit more polished when I wear them.

3. Only wear clothes you feel cute in

When I first began staying home, I wore whatever lounge clothes I had collected in my college years. My shirts were baggy and shapeless, and my pants were sweats that sell for five dollars without even being on sale. In these clothes I felt as lazy as I looked. Over time, I realized that even if no one saw me, I needed to at least feel good- and I needed to make sure the UPS guy didn’t try to stage an intervention because I looked like I had given up on life. So, I began investing in more fitted lounge and active wear- comfortable enough to do the acrobatics required when raising two boys, and nice enough that if I answered the door, it wasn’t assumed I had checked out of life altogether. My current favorites are some active wear capris I found at Costco- and they have POCKETS. So you know, I’ve basically located the Holy Grail.

4. Take care of your hands

Even though they’ll be doing things like wiping bottoms and washing dishes- take the time to file your nails and even put some polish on them if you’re not like me. I get so annoyed when they chip even a bit that I remove all of it immediately. My solution has been clear polish-my nails look shiny and “done” and I don’t immediately go crazy if it chips because it’s not that noticeable. This is one of those small things that somehow makes a big difference. I haven’t figured out why yet, but it doesn’t really matter, does it?

5. Do something just for you

Read the book. Watch the movie. Listen to a podcast. Do something every day that makes you feel connected to the outside world, especially if you’ve got little ones that make going out a chore. You’ll not only feel refreshed, but like you have more of yourself to give to your kids- and that’s the end goal, right?

The bottom line is- put your oxygen mask on first, and you’ll be able to help those that need you most. Raising kids is a marathon, not a sprint- and taking care of ourselves along the way is vital.

I know being a mom is hard work- and in the most draining moments it’s hard to remember what God has to say- That’s why I’ve created a FREE printable download, that has a bible verse for the most difficult moments of motherhood (Kids having a meltdown in Target? Got you covered. Overwhelmed by the housework? It’s in there too). I love to encourage moms on this wild and crazy journey- and I pray this free printable helps you!

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